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This page, complete with all the instructions and links found here; is for the exclusive use of employees of LSUHSC!
You can use the test login to browse the catalog.
Login using ID=12645LSU and password=LSUHSC.

The test login does not show pricing, nor does it allow you to actually place an order. If you would like to place your order online and you have not yet received your own userID then read the instructions below!

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BEFORE calling or emailing for help, please be certain that you have read all of the information and carefully followed all of the instructions that have been provided to you.

  • Please read and follow ALL of the instructions when completing a request for a userID.
  • Please read the ENTIRE message you receive informing you that your userID setup is complete.
  • If you are receiving an error message when attempting to log in, chances are that you either failed to read the ENTIRE message you received OR you have forgotten the password that YOU CHOSE when you first logged in.

    Please use the Lost Password link above to retrieve your password.

If you have not yet received your own userID then please read this entire section.

Please READ and CAREFULLY FOLLOW ALL of the instructions listed at the link shown below. Failure to do so will only delay the process of obtaining your userID.

Setup of your userID is NOT immediate. You will know your setup is complete when you receive an email message containing your userID, password and instructions for logging in.

Both parts of the two part authorization request must be completed before a userID can be set up.

Have you read, and do you understand ALL of the preceding instructions?
Then follow this link to begin your request for a userID.